React Native Tag Input

A simple React Native component that creates an input for tags, emails, etc.

Simple Example

import TagInput from 'react-native-tag-input';


  onChange={(emails) => this.setState({ emails })}
  labelExtractor={(email) => email}
  onChangeText={(text) => this.setState({ text })}
Available Properties Description
value (Required) An array of tags, which can be any type, as long as labelExtractor below can extract a string from it
onChange (Required) A handler to be called when array of tags change. The parent should update the value prop when this is called if they want to enable removal of tags
labelExtractor (Required) Function to extract string value for label from item
text (Required) The text currently being displayed in the TextInput following the list of tags
onChangeText (Required) This callback gets called when the user types in the TextInput. The parent should update the text prop when this is called if they want to enable input. This is also where any parsing to detect new tags should occur
editable If false, text input is not editable and existing tags cannot be removed. (default is true)
tagColor Background color of tags
tagTextColor Text color of tags
tagContainerStyle Styling override for container surrounding tag text
tagTextStyle Styling override for tag's text component
inputDefaultWidth Width override for text input's default width when it's empty and showing placeholder
inputColor Color of text input
inputProps Any misc. TextInput props (autoFocus, placeholder, returnKeyType, etc.)
maxHeight Max height of the tag input on screen (will scroll if max height reached)
onHeightChange Callback that gets passed the new component height when it changes
scrollViewProps Any ScrollView props (horizontal, showsHorizontalScrollIndicator, etc.)