A simple swipeable carousel for React Native which anchor two side of list.


Install the dependencies and devDependencies and start the server.

$ npm install react-native-anchor-carousel 
$ yarn add react-native-anchor-carousel 


full example here

import Carousel from 'react-native-anchor-carousel';

 <Carousel style={styles.carousel}
                      containerWidth={width - 20} 
                      ref={(c) => {
                          this._carousel = c;
  renderItem = ({item, index}) => {
        const {backgroundColor} = item;
        return (
            <TouchableOpacity style={[styles.item, {backgroundColor}]}
                              onPress={() => {
	const styles = StyleSheet.create({ 
	    carousel: {
    	    height: 200, 


This component currently just support only carousel for horizontal side carousel

Props Description Type Default Required
data Array of data for rendering Array [] Yes
renderItems take each item from data and renders it. Function receives one agrument {item,index} and must return as React.Element Function () => {} Yes
initialIndex Initial starting focused item of list Number 0 No
onScrollEnd Fired while scrollview end of scrolling Function ()=> {} No
pagingEnable Enable or disable autor scroll to closest item Boolean False No
containerWidth Width of the carousel container box number Screen width Yes
itemWidth Width of each item in carousel Number 90% of screen width Yes
separatorWidth Width of separator in carousel (cause it only support horizontal side at the present time) Number 10 No
inActiveScale Value of the scale effect applied to inactive item Number 0.85 No
inActiveOpacity Value of the opacity effect applied to inactive item Number 0.8 No
style Style of the carousel container box View style {} No
itemContainerStyle Style for each carousel container item View style {} No

References from

This library is written after taking reference from react-native-snap-carousel


Welcome everybody to contribute !
Hope this simple carousel can help somebody for fast develope react-native app!


  • Cover vertical side carousel