A brutallty simple wizard for React and React Native. Note: This module is under active development and not ready for release yet.


yarn add react-losen


import { Wizard, Step, Controls } from 'react-losen';

  render={() => (
      <Step name="start">Step one</Step>
      <Step name="second-step">This is the second step</Step>
      <Step name="final-step">Click next to finish</Step>

        render={(onNext, onPrevious, isFirstStep) => (
            <Button onClick={onPrevious} disabled={isFirstStep}>

            <Button onClick={onNext}>Next</Button>


Built With

react-losen is built with React and it's Context API under the hood. We use render props to expose functionality to child components.


Use docz:dev to spin up a dev server which let's you view and play with the source components. To get started, create a .md in the ./pages directory. It uses MDX which let's you import and write
JSX within markdown documents. For more info out the Docz website and read up on the MDX spec.


yarn build

This command uses @pika/pack to build for browsers. Plugins are specified under @pika/pack in package.json.


Publish new versions with yarn pack:publish. Pika guides you through the Through a wizard, this helps you bump the version number and publish to npm.

Deloying docs

The documentation is built by running yarn docz:build. This generates a static site in ./docs/. Currently the site is deployed and hosted with Zeit's Now.