A wickedly customizable for React Native. Useful for tags, spellchecking, whatever.


? Getting Started

Using npm:

npm install --save react-native-segmented-text-input

✍️ Usage

import SegmentedTextInput from "react-native-segmented-text-input";

export default () => {
  const [value, onChange] = useState(['', []]);
  return (

To initialize the view, you can supply the input text and corresponding pattern:

import { PATTERN_MENTION } from "react-native-segmented-text-input";
const [value, onChange] = useState(['', [["@cawfree", PATTERN_MENTION]]]);

? Prop Types

Prop Name Type Struc Required Default Description
value [string, [string, matchingRegExp]] false ['', []] The current state of the input. Array of the string being typed, and array of previous regexp matches relating to match string.
onChange ([string, [[string, matchingRegExp]]) => undefined false Promise.resolve Called when the segments or input text has changed.
patterns {[regExpString]: React.ElementType, ...} false {["(^|\s)@[a-z\d-]+"] => Mention Maps a to a React component to render them. Is passed an onRequestDelete prop used to delete the segment.
placeholder string false "Add some @mentions..." Placeholder for the text input.
disabled boolean false false Prevent the user from typing.
textStyle styles false {fontSize: 28} Style the text. (Inherited for both Text and InputText).
textInputStyle styles false {} Specific additional styling for the TextInput.
invalidTextStyle styles false {color: "red"} Specific additional styling for the TextInput when in error.
segmentContainerStyle styles false {} Additional styling for segment container.
shouldRenderInvalid currentTextString => boolean false str => !str.startsWith("@") Determines whether a particular string should be rendered using invalidTextStyle.
max number false 3 Maximum number of segments.
onSuggest currentTextString => Promise([any]) false Promise.resolve([]) A call which is made when the user is mid-typing. The string is passed to ask the parent to provide possible suggestions.
minSuggestionLength number false 2 The minimum number of characters a user should have typed before attempting to make a suggestion.
debounce number false 250 The number of milliseconds to throttle attempts at querying for a suggestion.
renderSuggestions ({suggestions:[any], pickSuggestion: () => undefined}) => false () => Used to render suggestions. This function must understand the specific format of returned suggestion data.
layoutAnimationDisabled boolean false false Disables layout animations.
layoutAnimation Object false LayoutAnimation.Presets.easeInEaseOut Defines the style of layout animation.