An accessibility first component library and development environment for React Native.

Version MIT License PRs Welcome


  • Customizable accessibility presets for indiviual components, as well as containers designed to provide standalone accessible experiences.
  • Works on both iOS and Android
  • Sandbox Expo based Storybook environment for developers to build and test components
  • Preconfigured tools to create and package your own component library

Try it Out

  • git clone this respository and yarn install
  • Run yarn storybook to launch the Storybook server
  • Run yarn web, yarn ios, or yarn android to launch the Storybook app in Expo and begin building or testing components

Using the Components

  • Simply npm install acrn-rn in your React Native project and import any of the components or containers listed in node_modules/acrn-rn/src/index.tsx

Building and Demoing Your Own Components

  • Create a folder for your component in the src directory
  • To view your components in Storybook, create a stories.tsx file for your component in /storybook/stories/ and import it in /storybook/stories/index.js
  • If you plan on importing your components into other projects, create an entry for your component in /src/index.tsx. You can then use yarn prepare to build your src directory for CommonJS, ES modules, and Typescript, configuring the "react-native-builder-bob" field in your package.json as needed

Testing Your Components with Jest

  • create a __tests__ subdirectory in the directory containing your component and place a test.tsx file inside
  • simply run yarn test or yarn test <your-test-file> to execute the tests in your __tests__ directories

Configuring Your Expo App

  • Adjust any fields in app.json to configure your expo app as needed.
  • Keep in mind that "entryPoint" must be specified in order to prevent Expo’s default behavior, which attempts to launch from the "main" field in your package.json
    • The default entrypoint provided by expo-init is ./node_modules/expo/AppEntry.js, which will attempt to look for an App.tsx file in the root directory of your project


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