turborepo + react native sample

Buildless, Pkgst, Turbo, and React Native with sccache.

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Details about this sample

Together, these tools provide a unified cross-platform development environment, enabled with blazing-fast remote build caching. Turbo handles build caching for the web portion of the app. sccache kicks in for Swift builds.

Additional resources

Trying the sample

Before you start: Obtain an API key for Buildless, set it at BUILDLESS_APIKEY in your environment

  1. Clone the sample, install dependencies with pnpm i
  2. Run a build with pnpm run build; observe that Turbo uses Buildless
  3. Set up sccache, and link it to your Swift toolchain, configure caching with Redis

That’s it! Enjoy lightning-fast builds on all platforms ?

Building and running each app

To run the web app:

pnpm run dev

To run the iOS app:

pnpm run ios

To run the Android app:

pnpm run android

Using the sample for your own codebase

This is a GitHub Template repository; you can easily use it to create your own repo. Follow these steps to customize it for use with your Buildless account:

  1. Update .github/CODEOWNERS
  2. Add a GitHub Secret called BUILDLESS_APIKEY, set to the API key you want to use in CI
  3. That’s it!

Sharing an API key across an organization

You can use Organization Secrets to automatically provide a BUILDLESS_APIKEY to all your repos.

Docs from the original template

This template is a fork of a similar Vercel-provided template. The original README docs from that template are enclosed below.

What’s inside?

This Turborepo includes the following packages/apps:

Apps and Packages

Each package/app is 100% TypeScript.


This Turborepo has some additional tools already setup for you:

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