An idiot-proof date picker for React Native, backed by moment.js.


? Getting Started

Using npm:

npm install --save @cawfree/react-native-simple-picker

Using yarn:

yarn add @cawfree/react-native-simple-date-picker

✍️ Example

import React from 'react';
import {
} from 'react-native';
import { ModalProvider } from '@cawfree/react-native-modal-provider';
import MaterialMenuModal from '@cawfree/react-native-modal-provider/RNModalProvider/src/components/MaterialMenuModal';

import SimpleDatePicker from './components/SimpleDatePicker';

const styles = StyleSheet
      container: {
        width: 250,

const App = () => (
      position={({ x, y, width, height }) => ({
        position: 'absolute',
        left: x,
        // XXX: Apply some additional padding.
        top: y + height + 5,

let hotWrapper = () => () => App;
if (Platform.OS === 'web') {
  const { hot } = require('react-hot-loader');
  hotWrapper = hot;
export default hotWrapper(module)(App);

? Prop Types

Prop Name Data Type Required Default Description
Container propTypes.func false ({ children, ...extraProps }) => ( <View {...extraProps} > {children} ) Defines the React Component instance to use when containing the DatePicker components.
theme propTypes.shape({}) false { fontSize: 16, color: '#444444', disabledColor: '#CCCCCC', borderRadius: 5, padding: 1, borderWidth: 1, highlightColor: 'blue', } Defines some style configuration for the .
date propTypes.shape false undefined A moment object. Can be used to define the current date to render using the SimpleDatePicker, or can be left null/undefined.
onDatePicked propTypes.func false moment => null Callback for when the user has finished selecting a date, or made an update to an existing date and that date is valid.
minDate propTypes.shape({}) false Moment().subtract(100, 'years') The minimum allowable selectable date.
maxDate propTypes.shape({}) false Moment() The maximum allowable selectable date.
renderDescription propTypes.func false moment => {moment.format(...)} A function that can be called to render a React component once a valid date has been selected.