React Native Arc Slider

Arc Slider Component for React Native using React Native SVG

:rocket: Getting Started


  • Install the library and react-native-svg

    npm i --save rn-arc-slider react-native-svg
  • Link native code for SVG

    npx react-native link react-native-svg


import ArcSlider from "rn-arc-slider";
Slider with Thumb
Progress Bar
Arc Slider without center text

:sparkles: Props

Prop Name Type Default Description
trackRadius number 100 Radius of Circular Slider
thumbRadius number 12 Size of Thumb
trackWidth number 5 Size of Track
value number 0 Value between minValue to maxValue
minValue number 0 Minimum value
maxValue number 100 Maximum value
onChange ((angle: number) => any) none onChange Handler
trackColor string #2089dc Color for Track
trackTintColor string #e1e8ee Color for Track Tint
thumbColor string #2089dc Color for Thumb
thumbTextColor string white Color for Text on Thumb
thumbTextSize number 10 Font size for Text on Thumb
showThumbText boolean false Show text on center of thumb
noThumb boolean false Show Thumb on Track
showText boolean false Show text on center of circle
textColor string #2089dc Text color for center of circle
textSize number 80 Text Size for center of circle
maxAngle number 359.9 Maximum arc angle in degrees i.e. its range is 0 to 359
minAngle number 0 Minimum arc angle in degrees i.e. its range is 0 to 359