Roqay Common React Native Components

Common React Native components used by Roqay packed in library for usage in future projects.


yarn add roqay-react-native-common-components

The package depends on some third party packages that needs to be installed on the project as well. To install them you can use the following commands:

yarn add react-native-paper react-native-safe-area-context

As the package depends on react-native-paper, your root component must be wrapped with Provider from react-native-paper.
See React Native Paper Getting Started for more details about adding react-native-paper to your project.

As mentioned in React Native Paper Getting Started, react-native-paper also depends on react-native-vector-icons so make sure to add it to your project as well.

Using .svg props available in some components

If you intend using .svg images for components that support them then make sure to add react-native-vector-image to your project and follow the installation steps as well.

Using ImagePlaceholder component

If you intend using ImagePlaceholder component then make sure to add react-native-fast-image, react-native-progress and react-native-svg to your project.


Example is available in example folder.
To run the example run the following commands:

cd example
yarn android
yarn ios


Each component has its own usage part in the documentation.



See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute to the repository and the development workflow.




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