React Native Form Select Picker

This is a customized select picker that renders the same way on both android and ios.

What's new?

Version 0.0.5 fixed the bugs below:

  • Temporarily fixed breaking changes in React Native 0.60.0 changing from componentWillReceiveProps to UNSAFE_componentWillReceiveProps
  • iOS rendering issues

if you already have this package in your project update to the
latest version by running:

npm install --save react-native-form-select-picker@latest

Why react-native-form-select-picker?

The reason why I started this project is because react native default Picker becomes messed up when used on iOS devices
and I wanted somthing that works and renders the same on both iOS and Android.

Look and feel

Here is the rendered sample of this package on android/iOS



To install this package you will have to run the command below using npm

npm install --save react-native-form-select-picker

We dont have an npm link yet. We will update that as soon as we get one.


This module has been made to conform to the basic react native Picker in order to easily change import
without having to change much on your code-base. We are developer friendly! :D

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import SelectPicker from 'react-native-select-picker'; // Import the package

export default class YourClass extends Component {

	render() {
		return (

				onValueChange={(value) => {
					// Do anything you want with the value. 
					// For example, save in state.
						selected: value
				<SelectPicker.Item label="Apple" value="apple" />	
				<SelectPicker.Item label="Banana" value="banana" />	
				<SelectPicker.Item label="Orange" value="orange" />	




<SelectPicker> component props

The following properties can go in the <SelectPicker> component (equivalent of <select> in HTML):

Props Type Default Required Description
onValueChange function: (value: any, index: number) N/A Yes This is a callback function that is to be used in getting the selected value; You can set a state from here.
selected any null Yes The selected value inserted as a property. Can be used to define default selection.
dismissable boolean false No If dismissable is set as true, the select modal can be closed by clicking outside the modal or pressing the back button (on android)
disabled boolean false No When set to true component will behave like other disabled input components. i.e. click/press will not work.
placeholder string "" No This is the label that is shown when no option has been selected
placeholderStyle StyleSheet {fontSize: 15, color:'#757575'} No This is the style of the placeholder text. You can customize how the placeholder text looks before an option is being selected
onSelectedStyle StyleSheet {fontSize: 16, color:'#252525'} No This is the style to apply to the text label upon selection of an option
style StyleSheet {padding:10} No This it the style of the select box itself. Customize to fit your form.
containerStyle StyleSheet {backgroundColor:'#FFFFFF'} No This is the style for the modal dropdown select page.
doneButtonText string "done" No You can change the text being displayed for the confirmation button at the top right corner
doneButtonTextStyle StyleSheet {textAlign:'center',color: '#1976D2',fontWeight: '600',fontSize:16} No You can change the style of the confirm text to suit your design structure or template

<SelectPicker.Item> component props

The following properties go into the <SelectPicker.Item> component (equivalent of <option> in HTML):

Props Type Default Required Description
label string "" Yes This is the option label. It replaces the placeholder when an item is selected.
value any null Yes The value of the option is passed in here and it is the value passed to the onValueChange function.