React Native Messenger

Facebook Messenger Implementation using react-native. This is a Work in Progress!


React Navigation
React Native Paper
React Native Camera
React Native Vector Icons
Eslint (Airbnb config)


Node v8.10 (it is recommended to install it via NVM)
A development machine set up for React Native by following these instructions

Getting Started

  1. Clone this repo, git clone
  2. Go to project's root directory, cd <your project name>
  3. Run yarn or npm install to install dependencies
  4. Run react-native link
  5. Connect a mobile device to your development machine
  6. Run the test application:
  • On Android:
    • Run react-native run-android
  • On iOS:
    • Open ios/Messenger.xcodeproj in Xcode
    • Hit Run after selecting the desired device
  1. Enjoy!!!

Sample APK

Download here : Messenger Sample APK v1.1


Active Screen Groups Screen
Calls Screen Camera Screen