React Native Notifications

Handle all the aspects of push notifications for your app, including remote and local notifications, interactive notifications, silent notifications, and more.

All the native iOS notifications features are supported!

For information regarding proper integration with react-native-navigation, follow this wiki.


Interactive notifications example
  • Remote (push) notifications
  • Local notifications
  • Background/Managed notifications (notifications that can be cleared from the server, like Facebook messenger and Whatsapp web)
  • PushKit API (for VoIP and other background messages)
  • Interactive notifications (allows you to provide additional functionality to your users outside of your application such as action buttons)


  • Receiving notifications in any App state (foreground, background, "dead")
  • Built-in notification drawer management
  • High degree of code extensibility to allow for advanced custom layouts and any specific notifications behavior as available by Android's API
  • Android equivalent of React-Native's implementation of PushNotificationsIOS.getInitialNotification().

Upcoming: local notifications, background-state Rx queue (iOS equivalent)