Neumorphism with Expo

Neumorphism with expo and react native.

Install & Build

First, make sure you have Expo CLI installed: npm install -g expo-cli

Install: yarn or yarn install

Run Project Locally: yarn dev or yarn start


  • Expo SDK 40
  • iOS, Android and PWA (Web App)
  • React Navigation v5
  • React Context
  • PropTypes


  • run: yarn lint for a list of linting warnings/error in cli
  • prettier and airbnb config
  • make sure you have prettier package installed on your atom/vscode editor
  • then make sure to enable these options (packages → prettier):
    • eslint integration
    • stylelint integration
    • automatic format on save (toggle format on save)
  • be aware of the .prettierignore file

Deploy to Zeit

  • to create a web build run: yarn web-build or expo build:web
  • this will create a /web-build directory
  • then cd into that directory and run: now