React-Native-Animated-Splash is developed to help the react-native developers in speeding-up their development process. This package leverages the developer in implementing native animations by using our builtin classes for animation with easy to use api, all the animations run on native thread for smooth performance.

The main objective or the edge of this module is that, splash animation runs in parallel with loading of javascript, which means when animation is running, javascript is being loaded in parallel behind the scenes, moreover componentDidMount can also be called for any api hits before calling hide function of splash from react-native side.

For Ios and Android


If you prefer npm,

$ npm install react-native-animated-splash --save

If you prefer yarn,

$ yarn add react-native-animated-splash

For Ios bump deployment version to 12.0+ in Xcode and podfile

platform :ios, '12.0'

Also add this line in your podfile

pod 'RNAnimatedSplash', :path => '../node_modules/react-native-animated-splash'

Android Usage with Method Descriptions Here

Android Examples

Check Android Example Code Here



Ios Usage with Method Descriptions Here

Ios Examples

Check Ios Example Code Here