React Native Pure BoilerPlate



You can simply clone the project and start with your barebone project

git clone [email protected]:WrathChaos/react-native-pure-boilerplate.git my-app-name

Clean-Up & Simple Run

Clean up the files from the example repository and do not forget to install the dependencies

rm -rf .git
npm i 
react-native run-ios/android

What's Included?

  • React Navigation V5
  • API Usage Service
  • Ready to use Styles
  • Built-in Theme System
  • Build-in Animated Splash Screen
  • Local Storage Utils Functions
  • HTTP Network Management (Axios)
  • Built-in EventEmitter (EventBus)
  • Ready to see Stack and Tab Screens with navigation
  • Babel Plugin Module Resolver to fix the relative path problem (visit .babelrc)

Step By Step Guide

Rename the project: (Thanks to react-native-name)

npx react-native-rename <your-project-name>

With custom Bundle Identifier (Android only. For iOS, please use Xcode)

npx react-native-rename <your-project-name> -b <bundleIdentifier>

Install Pods (iOS Only)

  • npm i
  • cd ios && pod install
  • cd .. && react-native run-ios/android

Android (Android Only)

  • npm i
  • cd android && mkdir
  • nano

Example of MacOS Android SDK Path

Make sure that set your right path of Android SDK

  • cd .. & react-native run-ios/android



  • colors
  • fonts
  • theme
  • font-size


import colors from "@colors";
import fonts from "@fonts";
import fontSize from "@font-size";
import theme from "@theme";

if you want to call them all at once

import { theme, fonts, colors, spacing, fontSize } from "@shared-styles/index";

Future Plans

  • [x] LICENSE
  • [ ] MobX State Tree Fork Version
  • [ ] Write an article about the lib on Medium


FreakyCoder, [email protected]