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Getting Started

  1. Clone this repo, git clone https://github.com/victorkvarghese/react-native-zustand-boilerplate.git <your project name>

  2. Go to project’s root directory, cd <your project name>

  3. Remove .git folder, rm -rf .git

  4. Use React Native Rename to update project name $ npx react-native-rename <newName>

  5. Run yarn to install dependencies

  6. Start the packager with yarn start

  7. Connect a mobile device to your development machine

  8. Run the test application:

  • On Android:
    • Run react-native run-android or Use Android Studio (Recommended)
  • On iOS:
    • Open ios/YourReactProject.xcworkspace in Xcode
    • Hit Run after selecting the desired device
  1. Enjoy!!!


PRs are welcome


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