React Native Bi-directional Infinite Scroll

FlatList by react-native only allows infinite scroll in one direction (using onEndReached). This package adds capability on top of FlatList to allow infinite scroll from both directions, and also maintains smooth scroll UX.


  • Accepts prop onStartReached & onEndReached, which you can use to load more results.
  • Calls to onEndReached and onStartReached have been optimized.
  • Inline loading Indicators, which can be customized as well.
  • Uses flat-list-mvcp to maintain scroll position or smooth scroll UX.
iOS Android

? Installation

yarn add react-native-bidirectional-infinite-scroll @stream-io/flat-list-mvcp

? Usage

Please check the example app for working demo.

import { FlatList } from "react-native-bidirectional-infinite-scroll";

    keyExtractor={(item) => item.toString()}
    onStartReached={onStartReached} // required, should return a promise
    onEndReached={onEndReached} // required, should return a promise
    showDefaultLoadingIndicators={true} // optional
    onStartReachedThreshold={10} // optional
    onEndReachedThreshold={10} // optional
    activityIndicatorColor={'black'} // optional
    HeaderLoadingIndicator={() => { /** Your loading indicator */ }} // optional
    FooterLoadingIndicator={() => { /** Your loading indicator */ }} // optional
    // You can use any other prop on react-native's FlatList