React Native: Shine Button (Android/iOS)

React Native Bridge for ChadCSong/ShineButton & imwcl/WCLShineButton. Effects like shining.

Before we dive into on how to use this library. We would like to thank all the contributor of ChadCSong/ShineButton & imwcl/WCLShineButton for providing such a awesome nice, cool library

Getting started

  • $ npm install react-native-shine-button --save

  • $ react-native link react-native-shine-button


  • Add WCLShineButton.framework in Embedded Binaries & Linked Frameworks and Libraries. You can find this library from below path:




import RNShineButton from 'react-native-shine-button';

<RNShineButton shape={"heart"} color={"#808080"} fillColor={"#ff0000"} size={50} />


Prop Type Default Note
shape JSON The type of Shine Button you want. It's props are heart, like, star, smile
color JSON Color which you want then the Shine Button is not active
fillColor Function Fill Color then the Shine Button is clicked
size Function Size of Shine Button
disabled bool Disabling the Shine Button
value bool Default value whether it is selected or not
onChange func It is invoke then the value of shine button is change