React Native Clipboard API with Animated toast message component.

Support both Android and iOS | Used react native Clipboard | Toast by calling api.



npm install react-native-clipboard-toast


yarn add react-native-clipboard-toast

Import the package

import ClipboardToast from 'react-native-clipboard-toast';

Calling api
    textToShow={`Top toast with 1 second delay`}
    textToCopy={"Top text"}
    toastText={"Text copied to clipboard!"}
    containerStyle={{backgroundColor: "#DDDDDD", padding: 10, borderRadius: 5}}
    textStyle={{ fontSize: 18, color: "#223345" }}
    accessibilityLabel={"click me to copy"}
    toastOnShow={()=>{console.log('Is Copied')}}



Name Default Type Description
textToShow null String The text that will show (clickabily)
textToCopy null String The text that will be copied to the clipboard
toastText 'Text is copied' String The text that will show on the toast
containerStyle null Style
textStyle null Style
id 'someKey' Number/String Key of element
accessibilityLabel null String Accessibility label text
toastDuration 750 Number The duration of the toast. (milliseconds)
toastPosition 'bottom' string The position of toast showing on screen (there are 3 options - 'bottom, 'center' and 'top')
toastDelay 0 Number The delay duration before toast start showing on screen.
toastAnimation true Bool Should preform an animation on toast showing or disappearing.
toastHideOnPress true Bool Should hide toast that showing by pressing on the toast.
toastBackgroundColor null String The background color of the toast.
toastTextColor null String The text color of the toast.
toastOnShow null Function Callback for toast`s appear animation start