React Native customizable date picker component for iOS and Android. Designed using ScrollView.

? Example


? Installation

  1. Add dependencies to the project

    yarn add @dietime/react-native-date-picker
    npm install @dietime/react-native-date-picker --save
  2. Install additional dependencies

    yarn add expo-linear-gradient
    npm install expo-linear-gradient --save
  3. Then, import with ...

    import DatePicker from '@dietime/react-native-date-picker';
  4. If you are not using Expo

    You should also follow these additional installation instructions.

?‍? Usage

  • Simple code example
    import React, {useState} from "react";
    import {Text, View} from "react-native";
    import DatePicker from "@dietime/react-native-date-picker";
    export default function App() {
        const [date, setDate] = useState();
        return (
                <Text>{date ? date.toDateString() : "Select date..."}</Text>
                    onChange={(value) => setDate(value)}

? Documentation

Prop Required Type Description
value Date or null or undefined Initial date for component
onChange (value: Date) : void Callback on date change event
height number Custom component height
width number or string Custom component width such as 100 or '50%'
fontSize number Custom digits font size
textColor string Custom digits text color such as hex, rgb or rgba
endYear number Max year in component, default is current year
startYear number Min year in component, default is (endYear - 100)
markColor string Custom middle mark color such as hex, rgb or rgba
markHeight number Custom height of middle mark
markWidth number or string Custom width of middle mark such as 100 or '50%'
fadeColor string Custom color for top and bottom fade effect (only hex colors)