React Native & D3 DemoGraph Application

Demo expo link.


The project demonstrate the usage of React with D3 liberty for React-Native. The base project is React & D3 which is a web project. The challenge here is that D3 is DOM based, so some features would have to implemented in another way due to limitations of native project and the lack of the DOM.
The following demo application presents a bar chart. The Y axis represent an amount of some productivity while the X axis represents a month. The chart also displays average line while interactive by the user. It also has dragging features. Once the data is ready to be displayed a fade animation is used. Another feature is that on press of a single bar the color opacity should be changed to focus the user on the column. The user can always click on a bar to show the data.



In the project project the following technologies have been used.

  • D3 (scaleLinear, path etc')
  • SVG The SVG support
  • React Hooks (useEffect, useState, Custom Hooks)
  • React Context - USed to store the common parts (scales, data)
  • Animations Used react-spring animations (animated.rect, useSpring etc');
  • The styling here is minimal, the containers and text nodes are styled using styled-components