Notificare Push Lib for React Native

To start please make sure you have followed the Getting started with React Native tutorial. Once you have met all the requirements and you have prepared your machine for React Native development you can then start implementing our module.

Install the module

react-native install notificare-push-lib-react-native


The above step should do this for you, but it's good to check if it did change the android/settings.gradle file:

include ':notificare-push-lib-react-native'
project(':notificare-push-lib-react-native').projectDir = file('../node_modules/notificare-push-lib-react-native/android')

Add the following as a dependency in the android/app/build.gradle file

dependencies {
    implementation project(':notificare-push-lib-react-native')


The install step should do this for you, but if you want to make sure our native library is linked to your project, use:

react-native link