React Native Typescript Boilerplate

A lot of fundamental features with Typescript support React Native Boilerplate

npm version npm Platform - Android and iOS License: MIT styled with prettier

React Native Typescript Boilerplate

? Version 3.3+

We’re proudly announce that Version 3.4 is here!

  • Zustand integration with cool slices
  • Native Splash Screen
  • Much Better Documentation
  • New React Native Architecture Ready (RN 0.68+) ?
  • Detailed Roadmap
  • Awesome Theme Support for both Light / Dark Mode
  • Removed Optional Dependencies
  • Latest React and React Native Dependencies
  • All Dependencies are Upgraded
  • Code Refactoring
  • New GIF with the Project Example for Theming

? What’s Included?

  • Typescript

  • Flipper Ready

  • Navigation System

  • NEW: Built-in Theme System with Hooks

    • ☀️ Light Theme Support
    • ? Dark Theme Support
    • Dynamic Color Palette System
    • Custom Font Support
    • Built-in Better Text Component
  • Ready to use React Native Reanimated 2 Integration

  • Native Splash Screen Integration

  • Awesome React Native Helpers Integration

    • Noth Detection Support
    • Better Dimension Helper (Ex: ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight)
    • Cool Text Helpers
  • React Native Vector Icons

  • Localization (Multi-Language Support)

  • HTTP Network Management

  • Built-in EventEmitter

  • Babel Plugin Module Resolver

    • Fixing the relative path problem
    • Visit .babelrc to ready to use and more customization
  • Pre-commit Husky Integration

    • Ready to command husky setup with npm run husky:setup
    • commitlint Integration for better commit linter
    • Auto prettier on pre-commit
    • Awesome ESLint Integration
  • Built-in Custom Font Implementation

    • All you need to do is copy-paste the .tff files into assets/fonts folder
    • Run npx react-native-asset command
  • More and more! ?

? Getting Started

Quick Start

To create a new project using the barebone boilerplate:

git clone my-app-name

? Step By Step Guide

Clean-Up & Simple Run

Clean up the files from the example repository and do not forget to install the dependencies There is a good example by default on HomeScreen. You can delete the all screens.

  • npm i
  • npm run clean-up
  • npm i && npx pod-install
  • react-native run-ios/android


  • rm -rf .git
  • rm -rf ./assets
  • git init
  • npm i
  • npm run husky:setup
  • npx pod-install (iOS Only)
  • react-native run-ios/android

Husky Integration

Before doing anything else, please simply run the command to initalize the husky. If you do not run clean-up part you should run the husky setup by yourself

npm run husky:setup

husky:setup will handle the initialization, installation and ready to use commitlint, prettier and eslint.

Rename the project: (Thanks to react-native-name)

npx react-native-rename <your-project-name>

With custom Bundle Identifier (Android only. For iOS, please use Xcode)

npx react-native-rename <your-project-name> -b <bundleIdentifier>

Install Pods (iOS Only)

  • npm i
  • cd ios && pod install
  • cd .. && react-native run-ios/android

Android (Android Only)

  • npm i
  • cd android && mkdir
  • nano

Example of MacOS Android SDK Path

Make sure that set your right path of Android SDK

MacOS / Linux

Replace your machine name instead of username


Replace your machine name instead of username

  • cd .. & react-native run-ios/android

? Documentations

? Roadmap

  • Better Husky: Linter, Prettier and Commintlint
  • Removal of react-native-animated-splash-screen
  • New Theme Support with React Navigation
  • Implement the native splash screen with react-native-splash-screen
  • Better and separated documentation
  • Axios Hooks
  • React Native New Architecture
  • Zustand Integration
  • Zustand Documentation
  • Babel Plugin Module Resolver Documentation with Example
  • Navigation Service Documentation with Example
  • Localization Documentation with Example
  • Theme Documentation with Example
  • FAQ Documentation
  • Website for the boilerplate
  • Splash Screen Documentation
  • Detox E2E Integration Fork Version
  • Redux Fork Version
  • MobX State Tree Fork Version
  • Write an article about the lib on Medium
  • Write an article about the lib on DevTo


Photo by Shifaaz shamoon on Unsplash

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash


FreakyCoder, [email protected]


React Native Typescript Boilerplate is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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