React Native WebView Javascript Bridge

I have been testing and reading a lot of way to safely create a bridge between react-native and webview. I'm happy to announced that the wait is over and from React-Native 0.20 and above, the bridge is fully functional.


In order to use this extension, you have to do the following steps:

in your react-native project, run npm install react-native-webview-bridge --save


  1. go to xcode's Project Navigator tab

2. right click on `Libraries` 3. select `Add Files to ...` option

4. navigate to `node_modules/react-native-webview-bridge/ios` and add `React-Native-Webview-Bridge.xcodeproj` folder

5. on project `Project Navigator` tab, click on your project's name and select Target's name and from there click on `Build Phases`

6. expand `Link Binary With Libraries` and click `+` sign to add a new one. 7. select `libReact-Native-Webviwe-Bridge.a` and click `Add` button.

8. clean compile to make sure your project can compile and build.


  1. add the following import to ( if RN < 0.29) of your application
import com.github.alinz.reactnativewebviewbridge.WebViewBridgePackage;
  1. add the following code to add the package to`` (` if RN < 0.29)
protected List<ReactPackage> getPackages() {
        return Arrays.<ReactPackage>asList(
            new MainReactPackage(),
                new WebViewBridgePackage() //<- this
  1. add the following codes to your android/setting.gradle

you might have multiple 3rd party libraries, make sure that you don't create multiple include.

include ':app', ':react-native-webview-bridge'
project(':react-native-webview-bridge').projectDir = new File(rootProject.projectDir, '../node_modules/react-native-webview-bridge/android')
  1. edit android/app/build.gradle and add the following line inside dependencies
compile project(':react-native-webview-bridge')
  1. run react-native run-android to see if everything is compilable.


just import the module with one of your choices way:

** CommonJS style **

var WebViewBridge = require('react-native-webview-bridge');

** ES6/ES2015 style **

import WebViewBridge from 'react-native-webview-bridge';

WebViewBridge is an extension of WebView. It injects special script into any pages once it loads. Also it extends the functionality of WebView by adding 1 new method and 1 new props.