An easy and simple to use React Native component to render a custom high performant masonry layout for images. It uses a smart algorithm to sort the images evenly as possible according to the index position or fill in as soon as the image is fetched. Includes support for both iOS and Android. Free and made possible along with costly maintenance and updates by Lue Hang (the author).

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:large_blue_diamond: Install

Type in the following to the command line to install the dependency.

$ npm install --save react-native-masonry-list


$ yarn add react-native-masonry-list

:large_blue_diamond: Usage Example

Add an import to the top of the file. At minimal, declare the MasonryList component in the render() method providing an array of data for the images prop.

:information_source: Local images must have a defined dimensions field with width and height.

import MasonryList from "react-native-masonry-list";

render() {
    return (
                // Can be used with different image object fieldnames.
                // Ex. source, source.uri, uri, URI, url, URL
                { uri: "" },
                { source: require("yourApp/image.png"), 
                    // IMPORTANT: It is REQUIRED for LOCAL IMAGES
                    // to include a dimensions field with the
                    // actual width and height of the image or
                    // it will throw an error.
                    dimensions: { width: 1080, height: 1920 }
                { source: require("yourApp/image.png"),
                    // An alternative to the dimensions field.
                    // This will also be acceptable.
                    width: 1080,
                    height: 1920 },
                { source: { uri: "" } },
                { uri: "",
                    // Optional: Adding a dimensions field with
                    // the actual width and height for REMOTE IMAGES
                    // will help improve performance.
                    dimensions: { width: 1080, height: 1920 } },
                { URI: ""
                    // Optional: Does not require an id for each
                    // image object, but is for best practices.
                    id: "blpccx4cn" },
                { url: "" },
                { URL: "" },