React Native Keycode

Show the user a input form for a fixed-length code or password.



npm i -S react-native-keycode         # or: yarn add react-native-keycode


// import statement:
import { KeycodeInput } from 'react-native-keycode'

// in your render function:
  onComplete={(value) => {

Complete example

View a more complex example here: example/App.js.


  • number length: number of characters in input (default: 4)
  • string textColor: color string for the color of the characters (default: black)
  • string tintColor: color string for the color of the active bottom bar (default: iOS blue)
  • string defaultValue: default ''
  • string value: default ''
  • boolean uppercase: default true
  • boolean autoFocus: default true
  • boolean alphaNumeric: default true, set to false to allow other characters than 0-9, A-Z
  • boolean numberic: default false
  • object style
  • function onComplete
  • function onChange
  • function ref