AutoComplete with selection for react-native.


npm install --save react-native-autocomplete-select


Simple example:

import AutoComplete from 'react-native-autocomplete-select'


const onSelect = (suggestion) => {
  console.log(suggestion) // the pressed suggestion

const suggestions = [
  {text: 'suggestion1', anotherProperty: 'value'},
  {text: 'suggestion2', anotherProperty: 'value2'}


Will output:

alt text

Available Properties Description
suggestions An array of objects or values to use as suggestions
value Current value of the input
minimumSimilarityScore Value from 0 (matches anything) to 1 (only matches if the strings are the same), defaults to 0.6. The input value will be compared to the suggestion, the suggestion score should be greater than or equal to this value to be shown.
comparationFuzziness Value from 0 to 1, defaults to 0.5. This is the fuzziness level used on similarity comparation.
suggestionObjectTextProperty If the suggestions in the array are objects, this will be used to get the suggestion value. The value will be shown on the list and will be used to check the similarity of the suggestion to the input value.
onChangeText Function to execute when the input value changes.
onSelect (Required) Function to call when a suggestion is pressed. Will be called with the suggestion as a parameter
suggestionsWrapperStyle Style of the list of suggestion.
suggestionStyle Style of the suggestion item in the list.
suggestionTextStyle Style of the suggestion text.
style Style of the component.
inputStyle Style of the text input.


  1. Fork this repository
  2. Create a branch based on master about what you are doing
  • Names should be separated by hyphen: example-name
  1. Commit using the format: [<type>] <message>
  • The type should be: Feat, Fix, Refactor or Docs
  • Example message: [Docs] Added contributing to readme
  • Do not forget to add tests!
  1. Run all tests npm test and linter npm run lint
  2. Create a pull request describing the changes you made