rn-native-hash – Simplified native dependency tracking for React Native

rn-native-hash on NPM

rn-native-hash strives to make it easier to keep track of when the native dependencies of a React Native (or Expo) project has changed. It does so by (1) detecting native modules in node_modules and (2) generating a hash based on those package names and versions. It provides three commands:

  • generate – Generates a hash and by default saves it in .rn-native-hashrc. Can optionally save it in package.json (with -p) or update releaseChannels for eas builds (with -e).
  • verify – Checks whether the hash has changed compared to .rn-native-hashrc or package.json.
  • list – Lists all native dependencies and the resulting hash
  • hash – Just returns the hash for easy piping


Keep up to date

Run rn-native-hash on postinstall to always keep it up to date:

    "scripts": {
        "postinstall": "rn-native-hash generate"

OTA updates / Expo release channels

Use one release channel per hash to get predictability in your OTA updates.

expo publish --release-channel `rn-native-hash hash`


expo publish --release-channel `cat .rn-native-hashrc`

Generate a new Native Client when native dependencies has changed

Generate new native builds automatically when it’s needed.

Native Module Detection

We detect native modules by looking for ios and/or android folders in each package. Please post an issue (PRs are welcome ? for any false positives/negatives you might find!


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