Switch Selector to React Native.


yarn add react-native-switch-selector


npm i react-native-switch-selector --save


import SwitchSelector from 'react-native-switch-selector';
const options = [
    { label: '01:00', value: '1' },
    { label: '01:30', value: '1.5' },
    { label: '02:00', value: '2' }
<SwitchSelector options={options} initial={0} onPress={value => console.log(`Call onPress with value: ${value}`)} />


Prop Type Default Required Note
options array null true Items array to render. Each item has a label and a value and optionals icons
options[].label string null true Label from each item
options[].value string null true Value from each item
options[].customIcon Jsx element ou Function null false Optional custom icon from each item
options[].imageIcon string null false Source from a image icon form each item. Has the same color then label in render
options[].activeColor string null false Color from each item when is selected
initial number 0 true Item selected in initial render
onPress function console.log true Callback function called after change value.
fontSize number null false Font size from labels. If null default fontSize of the app is used.
selectedColor string '#fff' false Color text of the item selected
buttonColor string '#BCD635' false Color bg of the item selected
textColor string '#000' false Color text of the not selecteds items
backgroundColor string '#ffffff' false Color bg of the component
borderColor string '#c9c9c9' false Border Color of the component
hasPadding bool false false Indicate if item has padding
animationDuration number 250 false Duration of the animation