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UI component for React Native that allows to create a listview with N levels of nesting

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react-native-nested-listview react-native-nested-listview


yarn add react-native-nested-listview

import NestedListView, {NestedRow} from 'react-native-nested-listview'

const data = [{title: 'Node 1', items: [{title: 'Node 1.1'}, {title: 'Node 1.2'}]}]

  getChildrenName={(node) => 'items'}
  onNodePressed={(node) => alert('Selected node')}
  renderNode={(node, level, isLastLevel) => (



Prop Description Type Default
data Array of nested items Array Required
renderNode Takes a node from data and renders it into the NestedlistView. The function receives {node, level, isLastLevel} (see Usage) and must return a React element. Function Required
getChildrenName Function to determine in a node where are the children, by default NestedListView will try to find them in items Function items
onNodePressed Function called when a node is pressed by a user Function Not required
extraData A marker property for telling the list to re-render Boolean Not required
keepOpenedState Prop for keeping the opened state of each node when data passed to the list changes Boolean Not required
initialNumToRender Prop for setting the initial amount of items to render. number Not required


Prop Description Type Default
height Height of the row number 50
children Content of the NestedRow Component Required
level Level where a given node is number Required
style NestedRow container style Style Not required


You can find examples here and also an Expo project here

Version App React Native Library
1.0.0 0.70.1 0.14.0


I have moved the roadmap of this library to this trello board so that it can be easier to add more things and like that it doesn’t create issues in GitHub if I need to create a ticket

Roadmap Trello Board


In other to start watch mode and develop the library with the examples project (described above), you need to have installed the following npm packages:

  • npm -g json
  • npm -g wml

And have the library and examples project in the same root folder, example:

  • root
    • react-native-nested-listview
    • react-native-nested-listview-examples

After the previous steps you can then run the following command:

yarn start-watch

and then you can start the examples app as usual:

yarn ios or yarn android

When you finish with watch mode remember to stop it to get back to normal like this:

yarn stop-watch

Invite me a coffee

If you want to invite me for a coffee after enjoying this library or just for fun.




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