A library that provides customizable ring visualization of data, and you can also enable legends for chart representation.


yarn add react-native-activity-rings  


import ActivityRings from "react-native-activity-rings";  

const BasicExample = () => {

 const activityData = [ 
   { value: 0.8 }, 
   { value: 0.6 }, 
   { value: 0.2 }

 const activityConfig = { 
   width: 150,  
   height: 150

 return (
    <ActivityRings data={activityData} config={activityConfig} /> 

Activity Data

Define an array of objects with the data for each ring:

const activityData = [
    value: 0.8, // ring will use color from theme
    label: "ACTIVITY",
    value: 0.6,
    color: "#cb5f18",
    label: "RINGS",
    value: 0.2,
    color: "#86040f",
    backgroundColor: "#cccccc"
Property Type Description
value Number The value used as percentage to render for each ring. value of 1 represents 100% so this means 0.2 represents 20%. Values > 1 will not be considered.
label? string Label will be used when enabling legend flag alongside the percentage value.
color? string Hex representation of the color code for the ring. Only compatible with hex values (for now).
backgroundColor? string Hex representation of the background color code for the ring. Only compatible with hex values (for now). The background color will get 30% opacity.


Config options for the ring pie:

const activityConfig = {
  width: 150,
  height: 150,
  radius: 32,
  ringSize: 14,
Property Type Description
width Number The width of the activity ring component.
height Number The height of the activity ring component.
radius? Number Defines the radius of the complete pie.
ringSize? Number Defines the size of each ring in px.


Legend is disabled by default.

Enable legend on the right side of the rings, this is ideal for chart representation.
Notice that legend will use the label value you defined for every ring inside the data object.

<ActivityRings legend={true} data={activityData} config={activityConfig} />


By default this component comes with Dark theme and will work best of course with dark backgrounds. The library also provides a theme for light backgrounds and yes it's pretty obviously named Light theme.

<ActivityRings data={activityData} config={activityConfig} />

Please notice that dark is the default theme so you don't actually need to specify it.

<ActivityRings theme={"light"} data={activityData} config={activityConfig} />

Not yet supported

  1. Visualize more than 100 percentage on a ring like the Apple Watch does.