React Native Slide Menu (Navigation Drawer)

A slide menu as we can see in Android which permits to route an item from the menu to a view displayed on the front view (check out the example to create your routes).

This Slide Menu can be opened by sliding from the left or from the right as you choose (see the prop in the example) To open it you have to slide from the right (or left) border (and not from anywhere on the screen).



$ npm i --save react-native-navigation-drawer

Usage Example

var SlideMenu = require('react-native-navigation-drawer');
var Menu = require('./menu.js');

var Pages = require('./pages.js');
var FirstPage = Pages.FirstPage;
var SecondPage = Pages.SecondPage;

var BasicExample = React.createClass({
  getInitialState(fragmentId) {
    return ({ route: 'firstpage' });
  updateFrontView() {
    //routing your pages here, don't forget to add a section in the menu ;)
    switch (this.state.route) {
      case 'firstpage':
        return <FirstPage />;
      case 'secondpage':
        return <SecondPage />;

  routeFrontView(fragmentId) {
    this.setState({ route: fragmentId });
  render() {
    var fragment = this.updateFrontView();
    return (
      <View style={styles.container}>
        <SlideMenu frontView={fragment} routeFrontView={this.routeFrontView}
          menu={<Menu />} slideWay='left' moveFrontView={false} width={200}/>

More details about pages and Menu in the project example.


  • frontView: the fragment to be displayed on the main view
  • routeFrontView: callback to update the main view
  • menu: the menu component
  • slideWay: the side where the menu should come from (left or right, right is default)
  • moveFrontView: either the menu should move the front view or overlay it
  • width: width of the menu


Use it with this.refs

  • blockSlideMenu(boolean): to block the sliding when Slide Menu shouldn't open


  • [ ] Improve acceleration
  • [ ] Choose animation
  • [x] Choose size of the menu
  • [x] Choose if the panel overlays the front view or if it moves the front view (like it is right now)
  • [x] Choose slide way (from left or right)
  • [x] Block slide menu when we decide to
  • [x] Publish to npm
  • [x] Implement routes
  • [x] Create an example project