Expo Hamburger-Menu Template

A template for building a cross-platform mobile app with hamburger-menu-style navigation built in. This builds on top of the drawer-style navigation included in React Navigation by adding a hamburger menu button to the top-left of the screen which can open and close the drawer. With gesture-navigation being the standard for Android 10+, the need for a clickable way to open and close app drawers has resurfaced. This template provides that.

Uses: Expo v39, React Native 0.63, React Navigation 5.0, Typescript

Sets up for you: hamburger menu, drawer navigation, tests (with jest), hooks, deep linking, custom font support, splash screen, dark/light mode support




No manual setup required. Use the same way you initialize your other Expo projects.

expo init --template https://github.com/kathawala/expo-hamburger-menu-template
npx create-react-native-app --template https://github.com/kathawala/expo-hamburger-menu-template