getting started

npx create-expo-app --template expo-template-storybook AwesomeStorybook


yarn create expo-app --template expo-template-storybook AwesomeStorybook


yarn start


In this template you can now run yarn storybook to start ondevice storybook or yarn start to start your expo app. This works via env variables and expo constants.

# either
yarn storybook

# ios
yarn storybook:ios

# android
yarn storybook:android

If you add new stories on the native (ondevice version) you either need to have the watcher running or run the stories loader

To update the stories one time

yarn storybook-generate

To watch the stories files

yarn storybook-watch

Note that this is only necessary for when you add or remove a story file.


Start react native web storybook:

yarn storybook:web

build react native web storybook:

yarn build-storybook


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