Country code list with alphabet navigation for Android/IOS to use with react-native, based on react-native-alphabetlistview, also using react-native-search-box.



  1. npm install react-native-country-code-list --save or
    yarn add react-native-country-code-list


import CountryCodeList from 'react-native-country-code-list'

class CountryCodeListApp extends React.Component {
    render() {
      return (
	  onClickCell={(cellObject) => console.log(cellObject)}


All props are optional

Note if you will pass custom data as a list you also must provide renderCell, renderSectionHeader, renderSectionItem functions and search action.

Prop Default Type Description
data country code list object object Custom list data
alphabetListProps undefined object react-native-alphabetlistview props
searchProps undefined object react-native-search-box props
onClickCell () => {} func Callback onClick list item
headerBackground rgb(245, 245, 245) any background for headers and search wrapper
cellHeight 44.5 number Cell height
sectionHeaderHeight 30 number Section header height
renderCell func func Custom Cell component
renderSectionItem func func Custom Section Item (Alphabet) component
renderSectionHeader func func Custom Section header component
sectionHeaderStyle style any style section header
sectionHeaderTextStyle style any style section header text
sectionItemTextStyle style any style section item text
cellStyle style any style list item
cellTitleStyle style any style list item title
cellLabelStyle style any style list item right label