Fantastic React Native Schedule

Flexible scheduling library with more built-in features and enhanced customization options


yarn add f-react-native-schedule


import Schedule from 'f-react-native-schedule';
// ...

<Schedule />;

Day View

Week View

Properties API

None of the following properties are required. A simple Will still render an empty schedule.

Prop Description Default Type
schedules Array of schedules, to configure the field names use the schedulingSettings property. Empty Array Array
selectedDate To mark the active (current) date in the schedule. new Date() Date
startHour It is used to specify the start time, from which the Schedule starts to be displayed. 00:00 string
endHour It is used to specify the end time at which the schedule ends. 24:00 string
currentView Schedule view type. week day or week
cellDimensions Cell width and height configuration, header cell, sidebar cell and content cell. {height?: number, width?: number} {height: 80, width: 100}
schedulingSettings Scheduling configuration. Default Scheduling Settings Type
headerSettings Header configuration. Default Header Settings Type
sidebarSettings Sidebar configuration. Default Sidebar Settings Type
CellSettings Cell content configuration. Default Cell Content Settings Type
onCellPress Return function for pressing a cell - (date event) => void
onCellLongPress Return function for long pressing a cell. - (date event) => void
onSchedulePress Return function for pressing a scheduling - (scheduling, event) => void
onCellLongPress Return function for long pressing a scheduling. - (scheduling, event) => void


See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute to the repository and the development workflow.


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