React native calendar range picker Version


Getting Started



npm i react-native-calendar-date-range-picker


yarn add react-native-calendar-date-range-picker


Property Required Type Default Description
onChangeCb No (SelectedRangeType) => void () => void Function that gets triggered on any selection change
onDonePressedCb No (SelectedRangeType) => void () => void When done button is pressed
theme No DayStyles {} styles for calendar/day components
monthHeight No Number 300 Approximate height for each month (along with days)
monthsCount No Number 12 Number of months starting from minDate
minDate No Moment undefined Starting date
initialSelectedRange No SelectedRangeType {startDate: moment(),endDate: moment().add(1, “day”),} initially selected range
useGestureHandler No Boolean false Enable if Flatlist should be imported from “react-native-gesture-handler”
renderWeekTextComponent No JSX.Element Function that returns custom render for each week
renderMonthTextComponent No JSX.Element Function that returns custom render for each month title
renderFooterComponent No JSX.Element Function that returns custom render footer component


DayStyles {
  unselectedContainerStyle?: ViewStyle;
  endContainerStyle?: ViewStyle;
  startingContainerStyle?: ViewStyle;
  startingWithEndContainerStyle?: ViewStyle;
  endingContainerStyle?: ViewStyle;
  betweenContainerStyle?: ViewStyle;
  disabledTextStyle?: TextStyle;
  emptyDay?: TextStyle;
  dayTextStyle?: TextStyle;
  selectedDayTextStyle?: TextStyle;
  startSelectedDayTextStyle?: TextStyle;
  endSelectedDayTextStyle?: TextStyle;

SelectedRangeType {
  startDate: Moment;
  endDate: Moment | null;


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