Zero-API, React, & TypeScript

⚡️ Probably the fastest way to build a React Native app with your own backend ⚡️


A monorepo containing:

  • Next.js web app
  • React Native app with Expo
  • A tRPC-API which is inferred straight into the above.
  • Prisma as a typesafe ORM

In tRPC you simply write API-functions that are automatically inferred straight into your frontend - no matter if it's React, React Native, or something else (that is TS/JS-based).


Very rough video recorded in 2 minutes ?


Getting started

git clone [email protected]:KATT/zart.git
cd zart
yarn dev

Press i after yarn dev in to launch the iOS Simulator.

Now - head over to one of the ./apps, whilist updating a router in tRPC or the Database Schema and see that the data is directly inferred.

Available commands

Command Description
yarn dev Starts Postgres, Expo & Next.js
yarn db-up Starts Postgres on port 5466
yarn db-migrate-dev Runs the latest Database migrations after updating the Prisma schema
yarn db-nuke Stops and deletes the the database

Folder structure

├── apps
│   ├── expo    # Expo/RN application
│   └── nextjs  # Server-side rendered Next.js application
├── packages
│   ├── api           # tRPC API 
│   ├── react         # Shared React-helpers
│   └── react-native  # RN components. **Could** be shared between Expo & Next.js if you're in to that sort of thing.
└── prisma      # Prisma setup

Further reading



  • Create a Postgres Database
  • Set env DATABASE_URL pointing towards that db


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