React Native Starter

The Professional React Native Starter with everything you'll ever need to deploy rock solid apps.

  • Opinionated dependencies
  • React Native Navigation 4
  • TypeScript 3.7
  • Auto Linking
  • Gradle 5
  • Unit and integration tests
  • Continuous delivery support for Microsoft App Center

Getting Started

Super-Quick Start

git clone [email protected]:ueno-llc/react-native-starter.git my-new-app

cd my-new-app
yarn rename "MyNewApp" com.ueno.mynewapp
yarn start
yarn ios # or yarn android

Alternatively you can use create-ueno-app:

yarn create ueno-app native my-new-app co.ueno.mynewapp

Running automated tests


yarn build:e2e:ios
yarn test:e2e:ios

Note: To see the testing in-action, open the iPhone X Simulator manually before running the tests.


yarn build:e2e:android
yarn test:e2e:android

Note: You will need to create Emulator with the name Pixel_2_API_28 in Android Studio.