? React Native Boilerplate

React React Native Boilerplate Version

Start your new React-Native application with this React-Native boilerplate template. This template is completely built with Functional Components and React Hooks.


  1. Install Node
  2. Install NPM
  3. Developmnent machine setup wih React-Native follow instructions
  4. Setup environment variables for Android.

Getting Started

  1. Clone this repo git clone https://github.com/ar9t4/react-native-boilerplate.git
  2. Go to project’s root directory, cd react-native-boilerplate
  3. Optional – Remove .git folder and replace/add your repo’s .git folder
  4. Run npm install
  5. For iOS – Run cd ios at first, pod install at second and cd.. at third execution
  6. Start the Metro bundler/packager with npx react-native start
  7. Connect an Android / iOS device or Android Emulator / iOS Simulator
  8. Run npx react-native run-android for Android or npx react-native run-ios for iOS
  9. Woah, You are Done!


  1. React Navigation Tab and Stack Navigations are configured
  2. React Redux is configured
  3. React Saga is configured
  4. Axios is configured
  5. Vector Icons Directory are configured
  6. React Native AsyncStorage is configured
  7. Multi-Lingual support
  8. Dark Theme support
  9. And some reusable Components.

Libraries and Node Packages:

  1. React Navigation
  2. React Redux
  3. Redux Toolkit
  4. Redux Saga
  5. Axios
  6. i18next
  7. React i18next
  8. React Native Localize
  9. React Native Restart
  10. React Native Safe Area Context
  11. React Native Screens
  12. React Native Vector Icons
  13. React Native Async Storage

How it looks

Light Mode Dark Mode

Contribution Guidelines

PR’s created as per Offical Guidelines are always welcome.


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