A fully customizable high quality react native Slider component backed by custom native iOS and Android views with ability to select range of values.



  1. Add

    • npm: npm install --save rn-range-slider
    • yarn: yarn add rn-range-slider
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RangeSlider should have fixed width and height.

import RangeSlider from 'rn-range-slider';


    style={{width: 160, height: 80}}
    onValueChanged={(low, high, fromUser) => {
        this.setState({rangeLow: low, rangeHigh: high})



Supported color formats are: #RGB, #RGBA, #RRGGBB, #RRGGBBAA

Name Description Type Default Value
rangeEnabled Slider works as an ordinary slider with 1 control if false Boolean true
lineWidth Width of slider's line Number 4
thumbRadius Radius of thumb (including border) Number 10
thumbBorderWidth Border width of thumb Number 2
textSize Size of label text Number 16
labelBorderWidth Border width of label Number 2
labelPadding Padding of label (distance between border and text) Number 4
labelBorderRadius Border radius of label bubble Number 4
labelTailHeight Height of label bubble's tail Number 8
labelGapHeight Gap between label and slider Number 4
textFormat This string will be formatted with active value and shown in thumb String
"Price: %d" =>
"Price: 75"
if the current value is 75
(just the number)
labelStyle Style of the label.
Label is not shown if none

Currently supported values:
- none
- bubble
gravity Vertical gravity of drawn content String

Currently supported values:
- top
- bottom
- center
selectionColor Color of selected part String #4286f4
blankColor Color of unselected part String #ffffff7f
thumbColor Color of thumb String #ffffff
thumbBorderColor Color of thumb's border String #cccccc
labelBackgroundColor Color label's background String #ff60ad
labelBorderColor Color label's border String #d13e85
labelTextColor Color label's text String #ffffff
min Minimum value of slider Number (integer) 0
max Maximum value of slider Number (integer) 100
step Step of slider Number (integer) 1
initialLowValue Initial value of lower thumb Number (integer) 0
initialHighValue Initial value of higher thumb Number (integer) 100

If initialLowValue ( or initialHighValue) is not provided, it's set to min (or max).


To call methods of RangeSlider you need to have a reference to it's instance.

React native provides 2 ways to do it:

<RangeSlider ref="_rangeSlider" />


<RangeSlider ref={ component => this._rangeSlider = component } />

Available methos

Name Description Params
setLowValue Set low value of slider value: number
setHighValue Set high value of slider value: number


Name Description Params
onValueChanged A callback to be called when value was changed.
fromUser parameter is true if the value was changed because of user's interaction (not by calling setLowValue or setHighValue methods). Just like android's OnSeekbarChangeListener.
lowValue: number

highValue: number

fromUser: boolean

Known issues

  • Label's corner radius is not working on iOS