TheCodingMachine React Native boilerplate

This project is part of our React Native Boilerplate that can be used to kickstart a mobile application.

This boilerplate provides an optimized architecture for building solid cross-platform mobile applications through separation of concerns between the UI and business logic. It is fully documented so that each piece of code that lands in your application can be understood and re-used.

Quick start

To create a new project using the boilerplate simply run :

npx react-native init MyApp --template @thecodingmachine/react-native-boilerplate

Select typescript as language when prompt.

Assuming you have all the requirements installed, you can run the project by running:

  • yarn start to start the metro bundler, in a dedicated terminal
  • yarn <platform> to run the platform application (remember to start a simulator or to connect a device)

Digging Deeper

To learn more about the main project, go to the boilerplate repository More informations about usage of the boilerplate in our full documentation


This project is released under the MIT License.